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How To Afford Fun On A Budget

affording fun when paying off debt

You’ve finally done it. The whole family is on spending lockdown while putting as much money as possible toward a goal. That goal might be paying off debt, saving for a big expense, or even early retirement. Since most of us can do basic math, it makes sense that every dollar not going toward this goal means a longer journey. It’s exciting at first, but what if your journey takes months or even years to achieve? Should you cut out all unnecessary spending for the duration? I believe there are ways to still afford fun while on on a budget, even if you have some expensive hobbies. Can You Cut All Unnecessary Spending? I have often said that we cut out all unnecessary spending while paying off debt, but that’s not true. What if you want to save money, yet love to buy expensive coffee, go golfing, take a vacation? In our case, we still went out to eat. We gave gifts. We even took a vacation in the middle of debt payoff ground zero. If you cut out all unnecessary spending, then you’re eating for sustenance only, drinking water, and walking to work every day. For most of us ...

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