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Why Are You Still Broke?

When we were struggling with credit card debt and had a negative net worth, it was easy to join in one of the many conversations going on around me by others who were also broke or in similar debt situations. I can remember saying things like this. “I’ll probably owe Visa until the day I die.” “I don’t want to wait until I’m old to enjoy life.” “It’s normal to have debt when you’re young.” “I can’t afford to max out my retirement plan/invest in stocks/save for a rainy day”. How are people supposed to live on so little take home pay?”  I’m Guilty of Throwing Stones I could list many more euphemisms from my debt laden days, but you get the picture. It’s easy to get into conversations with people who are broke. It’s really easy to toss out excuses as to why we’re there as we all go out to dinner in our new cars purchased on 60 month repayment plans. It was also very easy to throw stones at those who weren’t broke, not the flashy ones who brag about wealth while everything is mortgaged and charged to the hilt, but those people who very quietly purchase ...

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