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We Flipped a House!-Part 1, Buying the House

I have a secret to confess. I have not been completely open and honest about all of my financial endeavors. Sure I’ve talked about selling my business, transitioning into part time work, and buying a rental property, but there is something I haven’t told you. Even before starting this blog, my husband and I were in the process of flipping a house. Why on earth, you ask? Good question. I’ll share some background on how this investment property project came to fruition. The House No One Wanted We started our rental property search in early 2012. Our realtor, who also does property management, brought a house to our attention. This deal was so good that she wanted a part of it herself, but needed an investor. Her idea was to flip the house, which means to remodel it and sell  for a profit. This house was in terrible, terrible disrepair. The roof was crap. The family room had mold. The flooring was covered in grime and cigarette burns.The decor was all from the mid-70’s, and the place was covered in nicotine stains. It also had a detached garage that was falling down. In fact, the only things that were in ...

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