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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #21- It’s Cold!

I realize it’s winter and all, but it’s freakin’ cold here this week. My husband runs the ski club at the school where he teaches because he likes to, and he get three free lift tickets for herding the cats to and from the ski area. It was -12 degrees this morning on his way up. No, thanks. I’m a fair weather winter sports person! It’s been an exciting weekend here at the Eyes on the Dollar house. We had a visit from the tooth fairy last night. She should get extra props for making it out in the frigid weather. I’m learning that you should keep some singles around if you have a kid of tooth losing age. Cold weather makes it seem OK to sit around and watch football. The Broncos are playing as I’m finalizing this list, so if there are typos, please understand.

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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #16-Hackers Suck Edition

This has been an exceptionally busy week. I know I never have a not busy week, but somehow being gone for Thanksgiving just put me behind. My Twitter account was also hacked, so I’m very sorry that all my contacts got a spammy message that someone was spreading nasty things about them. How embarrasing to see my smiling face right beside the stupidest message. Why that is fun for someone, I have no idea. Get a life. On a more positive note, my husband celebrated a birthday this week, and we are going to the Christmas parade tonight and out to dinner to celebrate. Local parades are always a good time, but I’ve always wondered what happens if there is an emergency as all the police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks are usually in the parade. On Monday, I will be co-hosting a giveaway, and I will be participating with a bunch of female bloggers and Average Joe (he’s in touch with his feminine side) in posting our favorite Christmas Memories so come back for all kinds of goodness. I had a guest post this week about how people waste money on eye stuff at Club Thrifty, and I did a blog swap with ...

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