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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #41: San Diego Here We Come

We’ve been completely busy with bike riding, swim lessons, and summer reading programs, and I love it. I love having so much time to actually enjoy the summer instead of being in the office all day. If you hate your job or work too much, make it a goal to find more time off by next summer. I know you can do it! Jim and I get to take a trip by ourselves to San Diego this week. It’s the American Optometric Association’s Annual Convention, and I’m super excited that Grandma is coming to stay with the kiddo. We love, love, love San Diego. I’ve also learned that some of my old friends from optometry school will be there. It should be a great time. I won’t be around much next week, but if you are enjoying yourself for the summer anyway, maybe you won’t miss me. Carnivals Carnival of Financial Independence, 16th Edition Mentions Budget and the Beach, The Frugal Farmer, Money Smart Guides, ¬†and¬†Canadian Budget Binder Please let me know if I missed anyone. Fun Search Terms Compacting Diapers– Eww! Finance money can help you make budget- It’s better to budget before you finance anything! how to move ...

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #27-Ski Lessons and Foster Puppies

Last night concluded of ski lessons for our daughter. They were at Hesperus, a little mom and pop ski area near us that offers night skiing. If you’ve only skiied in places like Aspen or Vail, Hesperus is a bit different. They have 3 crooked metal sheds for buildings. The biggest one sells hot chocolate and candy bars and has what look like used school cafeteria tables. They only have one old, two-seater lift. I love it, all of it, and it’s cheap. After six lessons and $180, our daughter can now get off the lift and ski down any green run there. Well worth it. Considering I didn’t start skiing until I was 25, it’s pretty impressive. We also have another foster puppy. This little spud was abandoned at the park with a huge hernia hanging out. After some surgery, the shelter needed a place for him to recover, and since my house doubles as the wayward home for lost and misplaced dogs, we couldn’t say no. He is definitely a puppy, but is very stoic for such a little guy. Luckily he has a home lined up next week when his holding period is over. This has been ...

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