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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #37-Travel Plans and Craving Carbs!

I had blood work done at the spring health fair recently, and I got my results this week. My total cholesterol and triglycerides are a little high, just over 200. My good/bad cholesterol ratio is good, but it’s all creeping up a little. I rarely eat red meat or other high cholesterol foods, and I work out almost every day, but I have really bad genetics for cardiovascular issues. I also have been snacking too much, and I often finish my daughter’s candy. So, this week, I went back on a low carb eating plan. Jim and I did it once before when he had put on some weight after an injury. We felt great, and looked awesome, then I got pregnant. Seven years later, we eat all the carbs we want, and now my cholesterol is inching up. I’m not going whole hog this time, as I won’t cut out fruit. I’m also going to allow one piece of whole grain bread per day if I want, but pasta, chips, sugar, and other types of bread have gone bye-bye. It’s been five days, and I would be lying if I said I wasn’t craving pretzels, but I feel great, ...

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup # 33- Taxes are Paid!

I mailed off a pretty good chunk of money to Uncle Sam and the state of Colorado yesterday to pay my taxes and quarterly estimates. At this point, I can look at the end of the year report from my practice and ball park how much I’m going to owe, but I wasn’t sure how all the new investment property expenses would figure in. Luckily, I was spot on with how much I had saved up, so there won’t have to be any robbing Peter to pay Paul this year. I’ve had people tell me it’s a great sign when you owe taxes, because it means you’ve made money. I see the reasoning in that, but it’s never fun to make the payment. Maybe I’ll be funding a study in grasshopper wings or buying Joe Biden a new tie or something. On the family front, soccer season started this week. My daughter kicked the ball into the goal for the first time! Unfortunately, it was in the other team’s goal, but way to get in there with the boys and be aggressive!

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #31- Good Things

I am really happy to see this weekend. It seems like my whole family has been battling one illness or another for a few weeks now, but I hope we’re all on the mend. My daughter is in spring cleaning mode, as she labeled all of our bathroom drawers this week! I’m almost afraid to put it in writing, but it looks like the first part of  my business sale is set to close next Friday the 29th, which also happens to be my daughter’s birthday. I want to do a few posts about the experience of selling a business, but I’m not sure if that would be interesting or helpful to my readers. Let me know if you want to hear more about it or if that would bore you to tears. I also have a couple of posts coming up next week about a secret real estate deal that I have been keeping from you. You’ll have to check back Monday if you don’t die of curiosity first.

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #30-Pink is My Favorite Color

I spent most of my free time redecorating my daughter’s room this week. It is the pinkest thing you’ve ever seen. I think it might be illegal to have that much pink, but she loves it. Poor little thing has been sick all week, and we finally went to the doctor to find out she is positive for the flu. I guess she is in the 40% whose immunization didn’t work. Oh well, at least she has somewhere pink to hang out! Nothing kills your grocery budget like a sick kid. I went to buy Gatorade and sugared cereal and a bunch of other stuff I though she might eat. I know in theory she isn’t going to starve before this illness passes, but the Mommy instinct to feed the baby bird is just too strong. I hope Mr. CBB doesn’t bring out the bamboo shoots!

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #29-Gotta Love the Neighbors

Less than 48 hours ago, it was 63 degrees Fahrenheit. Today it’s 30 degrees, and we are having a winter storm warning. Normally I wouldn’t care, but my husband had to drive 60 miles to take a test for his master’s degree at 7:30 AM this morning. He made it OK, and is taking the test right now. If he passes, this is essentially the last step before he can move up the ranks from teacher to administrator. While I don’t quite understand why, he really wants to do that, so send good thoughts his way!

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