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Pros and Cons of Binary Options

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Binary options are an emerging as a fan favorite among the online trading community, with the novel trading format gaining pace throughout the trading industry. Online brokers are fast picking up this format allowing their users to experience the new and exciting genre of online trading. How Do They Work Trading with binary options allows you to trade a wide variety of stocks, FX pairs and commodities with a new twist. Binary options allows traders to choose a product and predict whether it will increase or decrease in value within a given time frame, much like betting. The fundamentals are extremely simple, guess right you win, guess wrong you lose. It gets interesting when you notice that the size of your loss or gain depends on how much your option fluctuates in price. If it’s a big rise you get a big win, small rise you see a small win etc. Now that you know the basics, below we’ve listed out the fundamental pros and cons of this format to help provide some insight before you get stuck in. Pros Ease of use When compared to a traditional trading format, binary options are really simple. Traders of any level are ...

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