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41 Things To Do Before Turning 41

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I had a serious post ready to go today, but since it’s my birthday, I decided to do something a little more fun. I honestly have a hard time saying that I’m 41 years old today. It sounds so old, but I feel awesome and I’m more excited about the future than ever. That doesn’t mean it isn’t fun to revisit the past. I came up with 41 things I think people should do before age 41. See the Grand Canyon Have a snowball fight Max out an IRA Go to Europe or the US if you already live in Europe Compete in an organized run or triathlon Foster a dog or cat Watch the sun set over the Rocky Mountains Order a meal in a foreign language Give a sandwich to a homeless person Eat cake for dinner Pay off credit card balances forever Make homemade soup Binge watch a whole series on Netflix Go down an alpine slide See tropical fish in their natural habitat Go ice skating Earn more per year in interest and dividends than contributions Ride your bike to work Anonymously buy someone’s lunch Read a book to a child that you loved when you ...

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