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What Parts of Your Website Can You Trademark?

Can you trademark a website?

Your website is your livelihood. Whether it’s your blog, your online store, or the internet presence of your company, it’s a large part of how your business is run, and therefore directly reflects upon your reputation and your profits. Since your website is vital to your success, you’ve likely taken all of the proper steps to ensure that your web content is your own, and as such are aware of the potential losses that could incur if another company were to overstep their bounds and lay claim to portions of your website. But have you done everything that you can to properly trademark your website? A trademark is used to designate a word that refers to a company’s proprietary goods. We’re all familiar with the symbol that establishes a trademark, but what does it really mean and how can you legally apply it to your website? Read below to learn more. What Is a Trademark? While anyone can use the small TM symbol for the names of their company’s goods, symbols, or property, simply using that symbol does not mean that another company cannot use the same words or phrases to describe a similar product or service, or that the ...

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Do Bloggers Ever Run Out Of Things To Say?

I’ve been blogging for a little over two years now, and well, I haven’t run out of things to say yet. But, I do think the things I write about today are different than what I had to say way back when. I think most bloggers will never run out of things to say as long as they evolve and grow. I don’t want to see Jo Blogger write every post about making a budget. I want to see how Jo learned to budget and went on to become a millionaire. Life Changes My main focus in the beginning was getting out of debt and trying to figure out how to work smarter so I didn’t have to spend so many hours working harder. At that point, it was really relevant to talk about debt snowballs and how great it felt to pay off that first line of credit. I think that’s still very important, but like my blog partner Grayson wrote a while back, we can’t always keep talking about the same things. I know I have readers at every stage of their financial journey. I sometimes wonder if it’s mean to write about using credit cards to earn ...

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Eyes on the Dollar Special Announcement, Plus a New Design

special announcement

I am so thankful for personal financial blogs because before I discovered this community, I was at a loss for how to pay off the debts that were keeping us from living our lives like we wanted. Obviously, I understand the concept of spending less that you earn and how payments and interest work, but when you have tens of thousands of dollars in debt and are essentially living paycheck to paycheck, the task can be so overwhelming that you don’t even try. Since no one I knew in real life had the answers I was searching for I turned to the internet. I’m not sure I even really knew what a blog was, but I was amazed to find so many people who were doing amazing things with their money. After being a lurker for several months, I decided to throw my hat into the ring and I started this blog in August 2012. Lord knows I’ve had enough good and bad financial experience in my 40 years on this earth to share! I never really set out to rule the blogging world, but when some money did start coming in, it was a wonderful feeling of accomplishment and ...

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October 2012 Goals

October is here, my favorite time of year. I have always loved Halloween, and when you have a small child, you have an excuse to decorate and carve some pumpkins. I made Rapunzel and Tinkerbelle ones last year, so we’ll see if I can top that. September was such a blur with our trip to Las Vegas, a yard sale, and the work on our first rental property. I’m almost afraid to look back at my goals and see how I did last month. Blog Goals 1. Publish content at least four times a week until I have 30 posts done. PASS. I’m over 30 posts now and will keep my goal at publishing a new post on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, with a roundup on Saturday. 2.Comment on at least five blogs each day, with three new ones per week.PASS. I love doing this. I usually do at least 10, and I’m starting to get my list of the ones I really enjoy and want to follow more closely. I’ll keep this goal the same for October. 3.Learn at least one new thing on WordPress per week.PASS.I installed a SEO plugin, but I still need to work on keywords and such. I ...

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