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Popularizing Your Product: How Web-streaming Can Increase Brand Visibility

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Increasing product or service awareness is at the forefront of every company’s marketing campaign. However, with the sheer amount of competing ads out there, a company needs to do something “different” in order to standout. While there are numerous methods of doing this, such as traditional print ads or modern viral marketing campaigns, some companies opt to take the route of utilizing corporate funded sponsorship as a method of advertising their particular brand or product. Americanmovieco.com states that this often takes the form of having some popular actor, actress or athlete showcase either their support for the product or their use of it in order to entice people to buy the product themselves. The logic behind this particular method of advertising stems from the fact that people are more likely to purchase a product or utilize a particular service if they see someone else happily using it, studies even show that the likelihood of product patronage goes up astronomically if it is seen that a pop culture icon is utilizing a particular type of product. One way in which a company can make a celebrity endorsement unique is if they utilize webcasting solutions through providers like Blue Jeans in order ...

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