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How to Conduct a Successful Video Conference

Even people who work alone most of the time have to meet with other people on occasion. We meet in groups to accomplish things we can’t do on our own.  But what if people who need to meet work in different buildings, or even in different cities? Traveling to a meeting can be expensive. Even when people work in the same building, face-to-face meetings can be inconvenient. Perhaps it is difficult to schedule the conference room, or perhaps people need to collaborate on documents, spreadsheets, or presentations. With cloud computing it is possible for people to meet while sitting at their own desks and using their own computers or other devices. They can both speak with each other and share their screens. It used to be that doing so required expensive equipment and in-house IT expertise. Now you can hire companies like Blue Jeans to set up a video conference. They will provide all the necessary technical know-how and equipment. Online meetings are less expensive using the cloud than using traditional videoconferencing. Your company will still need to own microphones, speakers, high definition video cameras, and monitors. Your service provider owns and operates everything else.  If the participants work in ...

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What Parts of Your Website Can You Trademark?

Can you trademark a website?

Your website is your livelihood. Whether it’s your blog, your online store, or the internet presence of your company, it’s a large part of how your business is run, and therefore directly reflects upon your reputation and your profits. Since your website is vital to your success, you’ve likely taken all of the proper steps to ensure that your web content is your own, and as such are aware of the potential losses that could incur if another company were to overstep their bounds and lay claim to portions of your website. But have you done everything that you can to properly trademark your website? A trademark is used to designate a word that refers to a company’s proprietary goods. We’re all familiar with the symbol that establishes a trademark, but what does it really mean and how can you legally apply it to your website? Read below to learn more. What Is a Trademark? While anyone can use the small TM symbol for the names of their company’s goods, symbols, or property, simply using that symbol does not mean that another company cannot use the same words or phrases to describe a similar product or service, or that the ...

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How To Fund The Growth Of Your Small Business

small business loans

With the growth of your small business, your funding needs don’t diminish. Instead, you’ll need some form of financing to expand into additional markets, bring in new recruits or contract employees, purchase new IT equipment, add to your facilities, or introduce new variations of your products and services. Finding funds for supplementing your growth should be easier than financing the start-up phase of your company as your business can demonstrate its history of operations. However, the obvious funding sources, such as angel investors and conventional banks, still need to be convinced about the growth potential before they agree to investment, so a small business owner should get creative and look for alternative sources of finance and other capital funding services in case the usual ones can’t be accessed. Here are some alternative sources of funding that can augment your company’s drive towards growth: Export loan program Small business owners barely pay attention to loan programs pertaining to exports. The Small Business Administration has $500,000 in financing available in the form of revolving line of credit as well as a term loan. The requirements are that the business must have been in operation for at least twelve months and must demonstrate ...

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