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Buy Now Pay Later

buy no don't pay until 2015

I was driving to work last week listening to all the ads trying to convince shoppers to part with more of their money. One ad kept repeating that if you bought a car on Black Friday, you wouldn’t have to make a payment until next year. Car dealerships are not alone with the buy now, pay later philosophy. I’ve heard some stores offering 3-6 months or more of no payments after a purchase. It might sound like a good idea to save cash during the holiday season, but buying stuff with money you plan to have later is never a good idea. It’s A Trick The ad about no payment until next year was actually pretty funny. If you buy a car at the end of November through a finance plan, you wouldn’t have a payment until January anyway, so the gimmick is just that. There is no special deal. Don’t be fooled by cleverly worded advertisements! You Probably Have To Spend More At our office, we offer a plan called Care Credit. It’s basically like a healthcare credit card. I don’t advocate it, but it can make sense if you have a high dollar procedure and need to make ...

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