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Dreaming About A Red Corvette Convertible?

Dreams about red Corvette convertibles

I honestly don’t remember having very many dreams in recent years. However, recently I had the most vibrant and realistic dream. I wouldn’t call it a nightmare, but I was incredibly relieved when I woke up because in my dream, I did something that was completely financially crazy. Why on earth did I buy a little, red Corvette convertible in my sleep? Talk About Crazy Spending In my dream, I was driving around in my trusty Altima and stopped into a car dealership on a whim. I distinctly remember seeing a red Corvette convertible on the show room floor, and I bought it without even a test drive. I remember writing a check for $27,000 and taking it home. When I got home, I realized that it was only a two seater, and we have a family of three. I decided to take it back the next day. I also remember thinking about how on earth I was going to blog about this because there is no way in Hell I could justify it to my readers. The dealership wouldn’t let me return it because the salesman had gone on vacation. I guess it was the commssion from my Corvette ...

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Fighting the Urge to Spend Money

I think getting out of debt and going on a diet are very similar. Neither will work over the long term if you aren’t willing to change the behaviors that got you in trouble in the first place. Just like cutting calories while on a diet, cutting spending while getting out of debt is essential. What happens, though, when you reach your goal? It’s OK to start spending again on things you need or value, but just like craving a powdered donut, sometimes that urge to spend comes back when you least expect it. How do you fight the urge to spend money? I’ve had a couple of situations recently that have really tested my resolve. I have vowed to spend no money on clothes or shoes for myself  in 2013. That isn’t usually hard in  a small town with few stores, but while traveling recently, I found myself surrounded by many stores I’ve always enjoyed. I’ve also vowed to drive my 2008 Nissan for at least another 5 years, but when the car broke down recently, I admit I wondered what the trade in value was. It doesn’t help that my Mom and Dad get a brand new car ...

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