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Creating a Wardrobe of Clothes on a Budget

Ways to have an affordable wardrobe

Clothing yourself and your family can be expensive; children in particular seem to grow out of shoes on a monthly basis and there’s never the perfect outfit in the wardrobe when you get that last minute wedding invitation. To keep your wardrobe fresh and not break the bank and to give your children new clothes as they grow up but to not end up with an empty wallet, there are a number of fun and creative ways to be money-smart and fashion-savvy. Swap party A clothing swap party is a great money saver in more than one way. Ask all your friends to come round to your home one evening and for them to empty their wardrobe of all the items they no longer need. If you also ask them to make a food or dessert contribution, you can lay out a sumptuous buffet at very little cost to yourself. What’s more, it’s a great way to catch up with friends you’ve not seen for a while without the cost of meeting in an expensive restaurant, bar or club. Play it clever on the online auction sites Online auction sites have thousands of items of clothing available at any time. ...

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