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6 Ways To Be a Smarter Shopper

  Let’s face the music, retailers are constantly coming up with ingenious ways to separate you from your hard-earned money. Some strategies are patently obvious and some are very subtle. In either case, it is important that you raise your awareness in order to avoid falling prey to their tactics. With that said, here are six strategies to ensure you become a smarter shopper. 1. Beware of Warranties and Rebates Let’s start with extended warranties. Be aware that buying an extended warranty on new consumer electronics is historically a bad move. Take for example a new $400 television. In order for the $50 extended warrant to be a smart move, the probability it will breakdown has to be much greater than the chance you can’t afford to fix or replace it. For the major majority of shoppers, insuring a $400 TV does not justify the possible risk of it breaking down. Also, there is obviously a reason the sales folks at Best Buy relentlessly push extended warranties. They are major money makers for them and they wish all consumers would buy them. Believe me, they have run the numbers and clearly know they are sucker bets for us shoppers. Don’t ...

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