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5 Tips for a Successful Salary Negotiation

salary negotiation

One of my favorite things to discuss is finding ways to earn extra money. Commonly I suggest people get a part-time job, or start a side hustle as a freelancer or by using another skill or hobby to make some extra money alongside a full-time job. But sometimes the best way to earn more money is by asking for a raise. If you want to increase your salary at your current one, salary negotiation is a dance you must either already know the steps of, or learn quickly in order to be successful. There are several factors that contribute to the salary of any job, and not all of them can be controlled by you, the employee.  Certainly your professional experience and level of education are key contributors to the amount of money you take home each pay period. But the area of the country you live in as well as the size of your employer can also affect your salary negotiation tactics, along with the current success of both your employer and yourself. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to make your salary negotiation appointment be more likely to work in your favor. Here are 5 tips ...

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Why You Should Always Say Yes To Playing Golf With The Boss

taking advantage of career opportunities with golf

    For employees, there is nothing more nerve racking than being called into the boss’s office. Could it be that you’re about to get congratulated on a job well done or chewed out because your performance isn’t what was expected? What about when the boss throws a total curve ball and asks if you’d like to join him or her in a round of golf? Here’s why you should always say yes to playing golf with the boss. Golf Might Actually be a Way to Observe Your Attitude For anyone who has ever played golf, you know it can be extremely frustrating. On some holes, it seems you can do no wrong while the very next one might be a disaster, (kind of like bowling a strike followed by a gutter ball for all the non-golfers out there). Golfers behave in many different ways. Some get flustered, swear, throw clubs, and basically let a poor round of golf ruin their day. After a few bad shots, they can’t get the wheels turning again all is lost. Others stay calm, laugh off ¬†shanked or hooked shots, and are able to start over on the next hole like nothing ever happened. ...

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