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Black Friday Shopping Checklist

shopping on Black Friday

Although hard to believe, another Black Friday is almost here. Shopping the day after Thanksgiving can save conscious consumers all kinds of money but also has the power to derail a holiday budget or even worse, send people into debt. In order to avoid that latter, it’s important to have a Black Friday shopping checklist in place before spending a dime. Missing Black Friday Isn’t the End of the World Black Friday is not the end all be all when it comes to bargains. In fact, many door busters have very limited quantities. Unless you’re willing stay up late or get up obscenely early to fight the crowds, you could miss out on some of the bigger advertised deals. Don’t fret. There are usually other deals available. Being able to shop on your own terms is sometimes worth more than saving a few bucks. Thanksgiving and Black Friday shopping have gotten kind of crazy over the past few years. I’m kind of happy that some stores are bucking the trend and staying closed with REI even shunning Black Friday altogether. If you do decide to venture out on Friday, it’s important to be prepared. Make a List Lists aren’t just for ...

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Make $5 in Less Than a Minute

getting extra cash back

I did a review of the cashback website, Giving Assistant, a couple of weeks ago. One thing I like about the site is the choice of cash back on web purchases or the ability to donate rewards to a charity of your choice. Now Giving Assistant is offering everyone the chance to make $5 by signing up through this link. It take less than a minute and you don’t have to buy anything.  5% Cash Back from Amazon until November 1st I’ve been using the Giving Assistant portal before making all of my recent Amazon purchases. Lots of things are cheaper on Amazon Prime than at Wal Mart or other big box stores, plus I really hate to shop at those stores. Being able to have home delivery for everyday items is fantastic. It’s even better now that Giving Assistant offers 5% cash back on items ordered from Amazon. They also give cash back for purchases through tons of other websites, but Amazon is the one I use most. I kind of thought it was too good to be true, and my fears were confirmed from an email I got this week stating that the 5% cash back from Amazon ...

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Save on Back to School Shopping

back to school shopping

  I can’t believe it’s already time to think about back to school, but sticking my head in the sand about the impending start of the school year does nothing to help us get prepared. Last year the average family spent almost $700 on back to school costs. Unless your kid requires a computer, I don’t believe it’s necessary or wise to spend that much. Before heading out to stock up on school supplies, take some time to prepare. There are tons of ways to save on back to school shopping. Look Around the House for Functional School Supplies Once you obtain the necessary school supply list, take a look around the house. It’s tempting to pick up the list from the store and throw everything in the cart that same day, but there is a good chance you don’t need to buy everything new. We were able to find an unused glue stick, some markers, folders, scissors, rulers, notebooks, and plenty of paper towels and tissues. Our PE shoes from last year still fit, so that’s a nice savings. Kids also don’t need new backpacks and lunch boxes every year. We will be using our same backpack from 1st ...

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