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Trick or Treat Halloween Giveaway-3 Chances to Win Cash

October might just be my favorite month. The weather is usually perfect, cool at night and warm in the day. The leaves are changing colors, and I get to carve pumpkins into Disney characters. (Well, that one might be the favorite of a certain six year old) I also get to pull out one of my Halloween costumes. I have three that I rotate, a Greek Goddess, a red and green polyester hippy costume, and my favorite, which is a long black wig with a cape. I really wish there were more occasions when I could wear a cape! As far as money goes, you can really go crazy with buying costumes, decorations, and candy. However,  if you really want to save some cash, wait until October 31st. On Halloween day, stores usually mark their Halloween wares  down to half price. It might not work if you have to buy a little kid costume in advance, but I’ve gotten two of my three costumes this way, one even for 75% off. I also buy candy on Halloween day. Why pay full price if you don’t have to? To help with your Halloween bill or whatever else you might need this ...

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99 Money Problems Solved with a $999.99 Giveaway

How much do you like free money? More than ice cream with a cherry on top? For the rest of the month, you can enter this contest brought to you by structured settlements for your chance to win $999.99! Wow, that’s lots of nines and lots of dollars. If everyone had an extra $999.99 in savings or an emergency fund, you could avoid all 99 of these money problems, unless you are the most unlucky duck on the planet and they all happened at once.

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