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How Much Money Would You Spend On A Sick Pet?

cost of pet veterinary bills

Today’s post is brought to you by Blake at Bean Counter By Day. Enjoy! Everyone, meet Jo:   Jo is one of two family felines in the Bean Counter household, both of which Girl Bean Counter brought with her from Atlanta.  Recently, Jo decided to give his mother a little scare by constantly using the bathroom.  How she noticed, I’m still not sure because honestly who pays that much attention to their animals using the bathroom?  But she did notice, and then she got on the internet to Google possible causes. That was a huge mistake.  Along with all the normal, very treatable, conditions that could have caused this, she got explanations like a blocked urethra which could cause death if not treated immediately.  So off we went to the vet as fast as humanly possible (because the last thing I wanted was her cat dying in my car). How Much To Spend On a Sick Pet? I should preface the following by stating we’ve already had a couple of expensive setbacks in our savings goal this year. As a result, all the way up to the vet all I could think about was how much it was going to ...

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