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Should I Get a Smartphone?

Whenever I’ve asked a question to my faithful readers, you haven’t disappointed me with your answers and reasoning. I have a dilemma coming up at the end of June, and I’m not sure which way to go. I’ve seen other bloggers ask this question, so I thought I would seek your advice on whether or not I should upgrade my dumb phone to a smart phone. Currently, I have a basic plan that includes unlimited calls and texting, but I have a dumb Pantech phone. That sounds really mean to my poor Pantech, which has been a great phone for the last couple of years, except for the time I sent it through the washer, but we won’t talk about that. My cost is pretty basic. The plan is $39.99/ month with $5.99 for the texting. However, when you add all the taxes and usage fees, the bill is usually around $66 a month. $20 in taxes and fees per month is ridiculous to me. This is the cheapest non-smart phone contract AT&T offers in our area. In fact, you can’t even get this plan anymore. When our local carrier was bought out by AT&T, my plan was grandfathered in. ...

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