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Enterprise Architecture Jobs: All About TOGAF Certification

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The Open Group Certified Architect program and Open Group Architecture Framework (TOGAF) is a designation that was initially meant to validate individuals’ abilities as an IT professional, specifically in the practice of IT and enterprise architecture. This program still focuses on IT-related work, but it is constantly evolving as a profession and incorporates multiple disciplines that were not part of the original program. If you’re interested in this exciting, constantly evolving career, here’s what you need to know to get started in it.  What Is The Certified Architect Program? Open Group Certified Architect program is a certification program that focuses on IT skills as they relate to the corporate environment and enterprise architecture systems. It consists of several certification levels. The first level is concerned primarily with basic skills, including contributing as an architect. Level 2 is “master” level, and requires you to perform independently and take responsibility for the work you do. Level 3 is the “distinguished” level, and enables you to become a lead architect, enterprise architect, or IT architect. You are at the highest position or certification level with this type of certification. But, the certification doesn’t come easy. It requires significant education and training. So much ...

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