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Learning How To Surf The Investment Waves

Ways to choose the best investments

This is a post from Jason at Islands of Investing. Enjoy! Learning to surf the waves that life throws at us is a hugely important skill to leading a happy, fulfilling life. Some people spend all their time and energy doing everything they can to try stop the waves and make the ocean flat (i.e. complain about the way things are!). It’s a complete waste of time, but far worse, you’re probably making yourself pretty miserable in the process. And for all this effort, you’ll have made zero progress towards whatever you’re trying to achieve! A far better approach, in life as well as investing, is to learn to surf the waves. If you’ve ever been surfing and caught a wave, you’ll know that amazing feeling when you’re ‘at one’ with the wave, working in harmony, floating towards the shore together. It’s a sensational place to be, and we can get there in all parts of our life – including the investment world. But try and fight it, stop it, or take it in another direction, and you’ll be thrown clear off your board. The investment world has its own kind of waves. And this is one beach we can’t ...

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