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I Want To Sell My Wedding Dress

make money by selling your wedding dress

  One of the most successful ways to make money fast is to sell something that is sitting around the house. When we started paying off debt a few years ago, we made a quick $1000 by getting rid of stuff. It’s sad to get pennies on the dollar for items you bought at full price, but my philosophy is that it’s money I would not have by keeping things we don’t need or use. That brings me to the question of…..are there things that are too sentimental so part with? Am I awful if I want to sell my wedding dress? Why Sell Your Old Stuff? 1) Money I think that one is pretty self explanatory. 2) Less clutter I believe you can’t be fully relaxed and most efficient if you live in a space full of clutter. Clutter also causes waste when people buy something new because they can’t find the one they already have. Yes, I live with a child that could have been named Clutter Crumb, but we still do a pretty good job most of the time. 3) More Options One of my biggest pet peeves is having a garage so full of stuff that ...

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Selling A Car on Consignment

Selling a Civic on Consignemnt

  We have been a three car family for about two years. I know,  aren’t there only two drivers in my house? Why do we need three cars? It was kind of a failed experiment and now it’s time to sell the third car. I was all ready to put it on Craig’s list, until I almost had an aneurysm thinking about all the weirdos I’d have to deal with, so we decided to sell our car on consignment. The Failed Experiment Our last car purchases before we got serious about our money were a 2006 Toyota Tacoma that Jim drives, and my 2008 Nissan Altima. We love having a truck. It allows us to get out of our driveway on snowy days and takes me to work over the mountain pass when I have to work in Telluride during the winter. We can also pull our pop up camper and drive over all the 4WD roads in Southwest Colorado. If we lived in the city, it might be frivolous, but life in rural Colorado is much easier with a truck. Said truck gets crappy gas mileage, and, unfortunately, we drive a lot. Two years ago, a work colleague of ...

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