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Why Use a Company for Debt Recovery?

There is nothing fun about running behind clients to collect money. But unfortunately, this is one aspect of running a small business. For the most part, clients will respect your due dates and pay invoices on time. However, this isn’t always the case. And on occasion, you may deal with clients who blatantly ignore your invoice. Despite the unprofessionalism behavior of some clients, there is a wrong and a right way to handle the situation. Angry voicemails and threatening letters aren’t going to get your invoices paid. And sometimes – being nice get’s you nowhere. What are your options? Do you move on and accept ignored invoices? This is an option, but it probably depends on how much you’re losing.  It may be easy to walk away from a small job, but for larger jobs where you’ve devoted a lot of your time and energy, using Cavalry Portfolio Services for business debt recovery might be in your best interest. Some clients may view correspondences from you as an empty threat – especially if you’re a small company. This is where a professional debt recovery company comes in handy. So, what are the benefits? 1. Saves time It takes time to collect funds from ...

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