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5 Things Worth Waiting to Buy After the Holidays

This post is from regular contributor, Kyle James. If you missed his recent post about the Amazon drones, you have to read it. Guaranteed to make you laugh out loud. Every time I sit down to watch the local news there is a story about last-minute gift ideas, or tips on buying gifts for your pets, or even worse, a story about what to say to your boss when he/she gives you a gift you don’t like. Are there actually people who don’t know how to act in such a situation? Apparently. But anyways, my point is that news outlets only want to talk about finishing off your Christmas shopping when in reality they are totally missing the boat on a chance to talk about real money saving opportunities. In case you weren’t aware, perhaps the single best time to save money shopping is right after Christmas extending all the way through the middle of January. To maximize your savings, here are five items to consider this year. 1. Furniture for the Home Historically, big furniture manufacturers release new product lines in early February. Because of this, many furniture stores will try really hard to clear out old inventory come ...

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