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Triathlons and Investments: More Similar Than You’d Think

After finishing my 4th triathlon recently, I’ve come to realize that triathletes are a lot like investors. How on earth can I compare sweaty athletes in Lycra to well groomed investors sitting in front of their computers? If you think about it, I believe you will agree that being in a triathlon and investing have many similarities. The Elite Athlete/Investor If you have ever done competitive events like races or triathlons, you’ve seen the elite group. You know the type. They have the correct clothing and gear. They have 2% body fat and seem to be made solely of legs and lungs.These people train for events for many hours a day and are the ones that finish in the top 10%. Elite investors are also a rare breed. Warren Buffet or Donald Trump come to mind. These type people are smarter than the average bear either by a combination of luck, study and/or natural talent and personality. They have huge sums of money and seem to rarely make mistakes. When they do, they are able to use the lesson learned to produce positive results. The Weekend Warrior In every event I’ve ever done there are a few people who should ...

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