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5 Cheap Christmas Gifts People Actually Like

Christmas is getting closer every day, and perhaps there are a few people on your list that you still need to shop for. What if you find yourself running low on money? What’s a financially savvy minded person to do when it comes to buying Christmas gifts? A)Put it on the credit card. B)Find that fruitcake you got back in 2002. C)Buy a cheap gift. Well hopefully you picked C. Luckily, there are lots of cheap Christmas gifts that don’t suck and that people actually enjoy receiving. Here are my top 5. 1) Dollar Store Basket of Goodies-Yes, I admit that I love to shop at dollar stores. They are easier to get into and out of than Wal Mart, plus at the one in our town, everything costs $1. I love simple! Some of the stuff is crap, but if you look, there are numerous treasures awaiting. I needed a gift for my neighbors, who are very hard to shop for. Enter the Dollar Tree. This past week I found two Christmas themed wine glasses (real glass, not plastic). I wrapped them in a red towel, got a red basket and plastic wrapping, and added an $11 bottle of ...

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