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Cut Your Grocery Spending

ways to spend less on groceries

I mentioned last month that we were going on grocery spending lock down to reset our food budget and stop the upward creep that was happening. You can’t control the mortgage payment or health insurance costs, but you can take charge of what you eat. There are tons of ways to cut your grocery spending without too much effort. How Much Did We Spend? Our grocery spending has been around $500-$600 per month, mainly because I have not been paying attention. I got tricked into buying things we didn’t need because they were on sale, or I would buy something only to come home and see two of the same product sitting on the shelf. I know better. For October, our grocery spending was $382.68 This is even more exciting than it looks because we had to buy dog food once, and I stocked up on vitamins with a buy one get one free sale. If you subtract out those non grocery costs, we only spent $332.70! How Did We Cut Over $150 From Our Grocery Spending? Ate From our Pantry and Freezer While I think it’s important to keep some non-perishable foods on hand in case of emergency, we did ...

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Frugal and Easy Barbecue Chicken Flatbread

easy, cheap chicken flatbread recipe

Happy 4th of July to all my readers in the USA, and happy Friday to the rest of you! I hope today brings a day of rest, excitement, fun, family, remembering our founding fathers, or whatever you hope it will be. Instead of personal finance wisdom today, I’ll share my favorite new frugal summer recipe that is the perfect thing for a family dinner or get together. Who says you can’t have cheap, fast, and good? Barbecue Chicken Flatbread Ingredients: Flour Tortillas Barbecue sauce of your choosing Shredded or cubed cooked chicken Tomato Red bell pepper Zucchini Shredded cheddar or colby cheese Great Way To Use Leftovers For our family of three, one chicken breast is plenty. You can also substitute just about any meat or go vegetarian. This is a really affordable meal because you need so little meat and the other ingredients, aside from cheese, are dirt cheap. We can do this meal for under $2.00 per person buying everything new and still have half a bag of cheese and almost a whole bottle of barbecue sauce leftover. If you are using what you have in the fridge already, that’s a double bonus. I’ve listed my favorite ingredients, ...

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