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Choosing an Ecommerce Platform

platform for ecommerce business

Formerly known simply as virtual shopping carts, ecommerce platforms have evolved into sophisticated and feature-rich software suites that help a business do more than processing orders and transactions. As these solutions become powerful content management systems, it can be a challenge for a new or expanding ecommerce business to determine which platform is the best to use. There are plenty of good options but, certainly, there are bad ones, too. To make the process of selection less complicated, here are some suggestions and considerations.  Types of Ecommerce Platforms  First of all, you have to know what options are available in general. Basically, all ecommerce platforms will fall into one of these types:  proprietary, open-source and software-as-a-service.  Proprietary licensed software is owned by its developer (which could be a company or an individual) and there are normally major restrictions on its usage. Only the developer has access to the code so modifications and improvements can only be done by the developer. Proprietary software offers some rich features but it is expensive so it’s suitable to large enterprises and not an ideal option for cash-strapped small to mid-sized businesses.  Open-source ecommerce solutions allow open access to the source code of the program ...

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