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Will Going Back to School Make You More Money?

making more money by going back to school

If you’re frustrated with the amount of money you make, it might be a good idea to go back to school. People with advanced degrees are more likely to be employed and are more likely to earn higher salaries. For example, if you’re tired of grinding it out as an entry-level nurse, a Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) degree can make it easier to get a new job as a nursing administrator or health policy manager. You can enjoy an increased job salary and work at home healthcare environments as a nurse practitioner. An rn to np will give you an edge as you pursue a career path in the health industry. However, given the lifestyle and financial changes involved, the decision to go back to school is complex and not to be taken lightly. Education and Salary Stats The difference in earnings between those with and without advanced academic degrees is reflected both in starting salaries and in earning trajectories. Employees with advanced education degrees tend to earn more over their lifetimes, and their salaries increase with the experience they gain. Workers who have achieved more in their educations are more likely to be employed regularly at full-time jobs, too, ...

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