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Tips on Going Green

The following is guest post. If you would like to submit a guest post, please contact me. Switching your home over to energy efficiency is one of the most profitable things you can do both in terms of investments as well as short term cost reduction.  Homes that have remodeled to include eco-friendly appliances and upgrades sell much better and much quicker than those that are still conserving a lot of energy.  And although it’s true those upgrades cost money initially, they will take a huge chunk out of your monthly expenses because you won’t be using as much in utilities to run your household. Many people know about the benefits of switching to energy efficient lives, but they don’t really know where to start or what the best options are.  Luckily for Texas residents, www.Texasenergycompanies.net has done all the work for them.  Their website will give Houston families the basics on how to start making their homes green and how to best save money while doing so.  They list some of the most obvious sources of energy absorption such as running the heat too high or the air conditioning too low, but there are quite a few other ways ...

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