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Are Energy Efficient Appliances Worth The Cost?

saving money with energy efficient appliances

When we built our house almost 11 years ago, it was really fun to pick out all new appliances. We chose higher end, energy efficient models thinking we’d be kind to the environment and save all kinds of money on utility bills. Plus, stainless steel is really pretty and modern looking! Our refrigerator, stove, dishwasher, and microwave/hood priced in at around $5000 back in 2004. We also spent about $1600 on a new washer/dryer set that was supposed to be the greatest thing since sliced bread. So 11 years later, were the energy efficient appliances worth the cost? How Much Would Cheap Appliances Have Cost Back Then? I honestly can’t say for sure how much cheap appliances cost in 2004. We were not in a saving money mindset back then, but I would ball park the cost at around $2000. We could have also bought a basic washer dryer set for around $500-$600. How Much Have We Saved on Energy Costs? That’s a really hard thing to speculate since we’ve never seen an electric bill with non-energy efficient appliances, but according to the calculator at energystar.gov, our appliances save an average of $85 per year on water, gas, and electricity. ...

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Fix An Old Washer or Buy a New One?

cheaper to fix or buy new?

Well, I’m certainly glad we didn’t make that impulse buy recently because our washer is on the fritz again. A couple of months ago, it went out and we had a similar dilemma, fix it or buy new? With the last malfunction, we decided to call the repair man and for $230, we were back in business. Now, we have a totally new problem with some sort of motor board, which is like the computer brain of the machine. Why washers needed a brain in the first place is beyond me, but the part itself is $219 online if we can install it ourselves. If not, the repair man charges at least $75 for a service call. With that in mind, we went looking at new washers this past weekend, and I think it made the decision even harder. When do you fix a washer vs buy a whole new one? Our Shopping Experience Basically, since we live in a retail black hole, we have four options if we want something delivered. I do not want to buy a used washer. I’m sure there is a chance you could get a great deal, but with our luck, we’d get a ...

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