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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #39-Father’s Day at the Dollar Tree?

Father’s Day is coming up next weekend, which means I have to get my Dad’s and father-in-law’s gifts mailed on Monday. My husband is easy because he likes anything. My father-in-law is easy. A gift card to Home Depot or Red Lobster hits the spot. My Dad is incredibly hard to shop for. He used to play golf, but since his stroke, he doesn’t do that anymore. He doesn’t shop, doesn’t eat out, doesn’t do home repair, doesn’t read, doesn’t listen to music, and doesn’t really do anything but work. He has more clothes than he’ll ever need and tends to wear the same things over and over, saving his “new” stuff that is many years old now. I have bought him very nice glasses and sunglasses, but he ends up wearing an old pair of drug store readers instead. He makes me want to pull out my hair! This  year I decided to let my daughter pick his gift. Since her favorite store is the Dollar Tree, that’s where we went. I got a basket and she filled it with hard candy, cookies, peanuts, tape, aspirin, crosswords, and gum. I had to nix the Tru Moo chocolate milk.  Less ...

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