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What Are Experiences Worth?

NCAA tournament experience costs

March is a fun time to be from Kentucky. For 10 months of the year, we don’t have tons of things to be proud of. Then spring rolls around, and we have the NCAA tournament and the Kentucky Derby. Too bad it’s all over within a a few months, but those are a couple of pretty big events that people pay tons of money to attend. I’ve also seen fans pony up a mint to see their favorite band or sports team in action. I’ve often said that I’d rather spend money on experiences instead of things, but what are experiences worth? A Whole Industry Built On Luxury and Convenience When I was younger, there were no companies reselling tickets online. If you weren’t able to buy a ticket by standing in line before they sold out, you had to make a shady deal in cash, on a corner, wondering if you’d make it back to the car without getting mugged. Not that I’ve had personal experience or anything…… Today, companies like Stubhub generate upwards of $700 million in revenue per year. What that means to consumers is that you can buy a ticket in any section to just about ...

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