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Financial Resiliency: Manage Your Money and Be Ready for Anything

preparing for a rainy day

Most of us familiar with the well-used cliché about saving some money for a rainy day, but the brutal truth is that far too many of us are not actually financially prepared if their circumstances take an unexpected turn for the worse. Losing a job or maybe having to make a work accident claim are two of many scenarios where you may find your finances come under stress, leaving you in potential difficulties until you get back on track. Expect the unexpected There are plenty of regular bills that most of us have to pay and to a certain extent, many of us have enough financial resiliency to cope with a few minor bumps in the road like an unexpected car repair bill. Knowing how much you have to pay each month in rent or mortgage plus other regular bills like electricity, telephone and cable, allows you to budget and work out exactly what you need to earn to cover all these costs. The widely used cliché of a rainy day is often used to describe an extra cost that we know is coming up on the horizon, such as paying for a holiday or buying birthday and Christmas presents, ...

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