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The Importance of Knowing Yourself and Your Financial Goals (Really)

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If you read most financial how-to guides, the books are focused on one goal: maximal wealth accumulation. And it makes sense. Why invest at all if you don’t want the most money you could possibly get, given the risk and time associated with your decision? It assumes that maximum abundance is the need of the human soul, and it recommends ruthless tactics to acquire at least a piece of that kind of reality. Some people seem born for this lifestyle, every waking hour spent getting money. And that’s fine. But other people seem not to take to it so easily. They learn and work to get better at making money, but they feel compromised, like some part of themselves is unsatisfied putting all of their energy into this pursuit. What Do You Really Want? For people like this, I would ask, “What do you really want?” Do you want to live a really fancy life? Do you want to have incredible, rare experiences? Do you want to raise a family? Do you want to get to enjoy things like reading and time in nature? Do you want to achieve above all else? Achievement is elevated in our culture. Our Zuckerbergs ...

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