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Finding a Job In a Tough Market

finding a job in a tough market

If you haven’t figured it out by some of my recent posts, I’m mildly obsessed with San Diego. Ocean living without humidity, sign me up! After a recent trip, I started checking some of the optometry job boards and chat rooms to see what was available in that area. It surprised me, but it seems that most of the optometrists in California are struggling to find gainful employment. This made me wonder what I might do if I was struggling to find a job in a tough market. Everyone Wants to Live in California I grew up in the South. I went to optometry school in Memphis. Believe it or not, the South is pretty progressive as far as what optometrists are allowed to do. In Tennessee, optometrists can give Botox injections. In Kentucky, they can use LASERS. Not that I want to do these things particularly, but it certainly gives you more freedom in how you practice. As a result, private practices are pretty common, and everyone I went to school with seems to be doing well. Of course, most of them live in the South or Midwest. In Colorado, it’s much of the same. We certainly have commercial ...

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Buying a Business Often Starts With Getting a Job

As promised, I’ll be sharing a bit more about owning and selling a small business. Today, I’ll tell you how I ended up as a business owner. I’ll try to be objective and share the pros and cons, but please be aware this is all based on my experience, and I am no expert.  When I graduated from optometry school in 1999, all I really wanted to do was see patients, the more difficult the better. After finishing a residency with the Indian Health Service, I had certainly seen my share of the more difficult ones, and I felt I was ready for whatever job awaited me. A common misconception that I think many college graduates share is that if you do well enough in school, a good job will be waiting for you when you finish. Most times you have to be a bit more proactive when looking for gainful employment.

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