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Employee Horror Stories

One of the best and worst parts of owning a small business for me has been employees. While some of them are a joy and make my life easier, a few of them have shown me the darker side of humanity. After 13 years, I sometimes think I’ve seen it all, and then, inevitably, I’m surprised again. If you are in charge of employees or might have a need to hire some to help your business in the future, I’ll share some tips I’ve leaned over the years. Put It In Writing Whether you are hiring someone as a once a month contractor or someone to work 40 hours per week, make up a contract. You could use a lawyer, but I’ve found that there are many templates online that are very affordable.  Contracts don’t have to be complicated, and you can inlcude what you want. These are some of the thing I’ve found to be important. Job Duties and Expectations Length of Contract Salary or Hourly Wage and Expected Hours to be Worked Arbitration Clause. This is something I’ve added over the past few years which states that if there is a conflict that the employer and employee can’t ...

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Being a Boss, The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

There were a couple of posts recently about the benefits of being an employee. For that point of view, check out DC’s post at Young Adult Money or Holly’s post  at Club Thrifty. I have not been an employee for over ten years. I bought my optometry practice in 2002 and have been the boss ever since. I’d like to share my opinion on the ups and downs from my time as the head honcho. Maybe you can gain some prospective in determining if you would like to be in charge or if it makes sense to remain an employee. This is my experience of being a boss; the good, the bad, and the ulgy. The Good Making my Own Schedule. While my office is open five days per week, I can determine when I want to be there. I’ve changed my hours several times over the years. If I want time off, I can work  longer on another day. As long as I see enough patients, it doesn’t really matter what day or times. Vacation. I can take vacation whenever I want. I don’t have to get it approved or see who has seniority before I ask for time off. Dividend Income. I pay myself a salary, ...

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