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Fix An Old Washer or Buy a New One?

cheaper to fix or buy new?

Well, I’m certainly glad we didn’t make that impulse buy recently because our washer is on the fritz again. A couple of months ago, it went out and we had a similar dilemma, fix it or buy new? With the last malfunction, we decided to call the repair man and for $230, we were back in business. Now, we have a totally new problem with some sort of motor board, which is like the computer brain of the machine. Why washers needed a brain in the first place is beyond me, but the part itself is $219 online if we can install it ourselves. If not, the repair man charges at least $75 for a service call. With that in mind, we went looking at new washers this past weekend, and I think it made the decision even harder. When do you fix a washer vs buy a whole new one? Our Shopping Experience Basically, since we live in a retail black hole, we have four options if we want something delivered. I do not want to buy a used washer. I’m sure there is a chance you could get a great deal, but with our luck, we’d get a ...

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