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Free Money Finance March Madness, Please Vote!

One of the most exciting things about blogging is seeing your post on an amazing site like Free Money Finance. If I could be 1/1000 of the blogger that FMF is, that would be a great achievement. I am fortunate that my post about paying off $30,000 in credit card debt has been included in the FMF March Madness tournament of blog posts. However, I am competing against one of my favorite bloggers, Pauline at Reach Financial Independence, with her post about getting her Handyman into debt.  I could say vote for me because Pauline is too smart to get into credit card debt, gets to live in a tropical country, speaks about 40 languages, and has adventures with machetes and wild scorpions all day while March Madness is about the most exciting thing I’ve done all month, but that really makes me sound like a loser. Please, go read both posts and vote for your honest favorite. I am truly honored just be be competing. Best of luck, Pauline!

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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #25-Vote For Me!

This week has been a really busy one. This was my one week a month where I work 4 whole days. I know you feel sorry for me, right? Honestly when you get used to working part time, it’s really different to work more. As a result, I wasn’t able to do as much reading as usual, but next week, I’ll only be at work two days, so hopefully I’ll catch up. The foster puppies both went to great homes this week. That was a huge relief. They were super cute, but tons of work. I do miss them a slight bit, but I like the extra half hour of sleep I can get because I don’t have to get the puppies outside!

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