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Can’t Take My Eyes Off These Blogs #17-Game Of Life Edition

We opened one of our Christmas presents early last night. Our family loves board games, and one of my childhood favorites was Life. My husband has it on his iTouch, but call me old fashioned. I just don’t like it as much, so we bought the board game with the little cars and blue and pink people pegs. Although the quality of materials is much poorer than I remember, the decisions are the same as when I was a kid. You have to choose in the beginning to take on debt to go to college or start a career. Paydays are higher with college, but you have to pay back your loans. You have to choose which house to buy from the cheap mobile home to the luxury manor. My husband ended up winning because I kept getting sued in lawsuits, and my daughter’s occupation ended up being a teacher, so her payday was pretty low, plus she had four children. Anyway, it is a personal finance geek’s dream game except you don’t have control over all the variables. I only wish I still had the sturdier version from my youth. This week I participated in some really cool things. ...

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