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3 Reasons Why Getting Rich Is for the Young

Building wealth while young

Regardless of what anyone says, everybody wants to be rich. It is just that few people really stop to consider what it takes to get there. Often, by the time experience teaches a person what it takes to get rich, it is too late for them to accomplish the feat. Experience is a cruel teacher dolling out information just a fraction of a second beyond the time when we needed it. If you want to accumulate wealth, use someone else’s experience. What every piece of borrowed experience tells us is that the surest and easiest way to achieve wealth is to start young. Here are three reasons why that seems to be the case: Time for Education The young generally have time for education: a luxury in which many older people cannot indulge. Instead of getting married fresh out of high school, or backpacking across Europe, a young person could opt to stay in school and build a solid foundation of wealth education as did David Johnson, Cane Bay Partners. He is the holder of multiple degrees, including an MBA from Georgia State. Beyond twenty something, multiple degrees in anything become unrealistic. Among other reasons, the brain is less elastic. ...

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