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Eyes on the Dollar 20/20 Roundup #28-We’ve Been Skunked Again

I really thought by working less at my day job, I would have plenty of time for comments and blogging, but it seems there is always something that fills the day. The foster puppy got adopted:) I’ve had some evening commitments this week, and our dog, Mo, was skunked the other night. I know I’ve shared my ire for skunks in the past, but really, what other creature is so foul? Is there a purpose in the ecosystem that is fulfilled by skunks? I’m not sure if I still smell it or if my nose lining has been permeated so much that I will smell skunk indefinitely.  I’ve spent about three days trying to de-skunk the house and bathe the dog in all sorts of potions. Sometimes I think I should have built up enough good dog karma to avoid things like this, but then I realize that is probably why it happens. The doggy gods know that I will take care of it and not dump my stinky, thin haired dog out to sleep in the freezing cold, even if it means we all smell like skunk for a few days. Just be glad you can’t smell me through ...

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