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How Far Would You Drive to Save Money?

If you live in the adult world long enough, you are going to find yourself facing a big expense. It might be something you’ve planned for. It might be unexpected and cause you to dip into your emergency fund. Since we work hard for our money, and want our money hard at work for us, it’s important to find the best deal before shelling out our hard earned cash. My question today is how far are you willing to travel to get a better deal and save money? Wild Variation in the Price of Tires? We have known for a while that our truck needed new tires. We try not to drive it much in the summer because it drinks more gas that our cars, but with winter around the corner, it was time. I have to give a big shout out to my husband. A few years ago, he would have gone into the closest tire place and bought whatever they recommended. It would have gone on the credit card or one of those 6 months same as cash offers. This time, he got a quote from every place in town that sells tires, including the dreaded Wal Mart. ...

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