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Can You Help People Who Don’t Want to Help Themselves?

Lord knows we’ve made our share of financial mistakes in the past. Once we got sick and tired of being chained to debt, we did something about it. In all honestly, we didn’t have the first clue about what to do or where to start, but by searching, studying, and asking for advice, we learned how to take control of our finances. Being in control gave us our lives back. Now, when I see someone struggle as I once did, my first instinct is to help. Sadly, I’ve found that almost never works. Can you help people who don’t want to help themselves? Change is Scary There are far worse things in life than being in debt, but since this is a financial blog, we’ll put everything in the context of money issues only. Have you ever wondered why people who struggle financially seem to repeat the same mistakes over and over? I think it’s because change is scary. Even if your life is in financial ruin, it might be all you’ve ever known. Sometimes, in it’s own weird way, dysfunction is comforting. As long time readers might ¬†know, we’ve gone to great lengths trying to help family members who ...

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