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Looking Into The Future Of E-Payments

e payments

Every now and again there seems to be a society changing method in which we can pay for goods and services. Transactions and the payment systems that run them have evolved frantically in the past years. Thanks to advancements in technology and the relevant security measures being put in place to try and deter financial criminality these systems have made us rethink about how we bank, how we share money with friends and family and more importantly how we pay for things. With the development of websites and the progression of the systems supporting them we are now so used to making quick and easy transactions and payments online via the internet. It was an incredibly convenient enhancement to our everyday lives helping to leave behind some of the more outdated methods of payment. Credit and debit cards evolved also introducing chip and pin technology to make payments at the checkout counter swifter and as effortless as ever. But with developments in the mobile market the potential of apps and smartphones are now being tapped as a new resource for collecting cash and making payments. With a simple touch of the Touch ID sensor on your iPhone, iPad or the ...

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