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Would a Soda Tax Help Obesity?

tax on sugary drinks

While I’m still on vacation, I thought you might enjoy this piece I wrote for The Tax Impact. I’d love to hear your thoughts about taxes on soda or so called “sin” taxes. A tax on sugary drinks could become reality for Connecticut residents if House Bill 5461 is passed. The proposed bill seeks to add a one-cent-per-ounce tax on beverages like soda, energy drinks, juices, and other drinks with a high amount of sugar. Now amended to only include soda, the bill is still pending. With half of Americans consuming sugary drinks every day, and teens and young adults drinking more sugar than any other age group, would higher prices on drinks reduce sugar intake and lower obesity rates, or does this tax go too far? Battling Obesity Proponents of taxing sugary drinks point to the success of other “sin taxes” on items like alcohol and cigarettes. The majority of money raised from the proposed tax would go toward obesity education. With over two-thirds of Americans now overweight or obese, supporters of the bill agree that educating the public on better health would yield positive results. Adding a tax could help raise consumer awareness on the health implications associated ...

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