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4 Ways to Stretch Your Meal Money

stretch your meal money

Almost everybody’s budget gets tight now and then. And it usually happens that the low balance in your checking account matches the limited amount of food in your pantry. But what can you do to make it until the next time you get paid? There are many ways to stretch your meal money. Here are easy ways I’ve used to stretch my meal money in the past until my next paycheck arrived. Inventory What You Have on Hand Sometimes there are items you forgot about in your refrigerator, freezer, and cupboards. Of course, some of these items might be stale or expired, so get rid of those first. Remember some of those dates are “sell by” dates, which means the food isn’t necessary bad. Watch out for those because the food might still be useable and you don’t want to waste it. Get Creative Now that you know what you already have, you’ve got a starting point.  Can you make some meals from what you have on hand? If not, would you be able to if you purchased only a few items? At times you will need to be creative, such as adding ham to mac and cheese to make ...

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My Trip to the Food Bank

Laurie at The Frugal Farmer wrote a post a while back about how her mom worked really hard but just didn’t have enough money for groceries at one point. That post really stuck with me, and I vowed to find out more about the food banks in our community to see if there was something I could do to help. After I read an article in the local paper that asked for food donations,  I knew it was time for action. While I wasn’t really looking for a cheap route, I found out that giving food to the needy is actually one of the least expensive ways you can give back to the community. Clean Out the Pantry First I started with my own pantry. We’ve been doing really good about eating things we already have on hand, but sometimes you find food in your cabinet that you know you’ll never eat. I’m not sure why I had four jars of pickles. I also found a package of pre-made Spanish rice, a can of soup in a flavor we’d never eat,  and an unopened box of cereal that no one in my house likes. It makes me wonder if goblins ...

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