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3 Ways to Create a Culture of Savings in Your Home

You might not have the time or ambition to be an “extreme couponer,” but there’s no reason why you can’t cultivate a culture of savings in your home. With convenience driving a lot of peoples’ decisions these days, it’s no wonder that Americans are having a tough time saving money. In fact, according to a recent article in the Huffington Post, 75 percent of Americans don’t have enough money to cover their bills for six months. There’s a high premium on convenience. Here’s how to turn the tide and save more money: ┬áCultivate Family Values In order to get your family on board with you, you need to cultivate certain values that all family members can agree on. If there’s no common purpose for saving money, your family will be reluctant to make any changes – let along major changes – to their spending habits. Everyone in your family must see the significance and importance of changing their spending behaviors. For kids, they must be taught, in simple terms, what it means to save money. They must be taught the benefits and consequences of spending money, and why there is a value in saving. Maybe you and your family really ...

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