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How To Find High Risk Car Insurance

DWI means higher insurance costs

Drivers with a few strikes against their driving record might find it difficult to obtain car insurance. Whether from bad choices or penalties for situations beyond control, being able to hold a driver’s license and insure your vehicle could be the difference between getting to work and school or missing out on opportunities. Here are some ways to find high risk car insurance. Who Is Considered A High Risk To Insure? Anyone who has multiple speeding tickets, accidents, or past violations for driving under the influence is considered a high risk driver and companies often don’t want to take the risk of providing insurance in the event that past behavior repeats itself. Other classes of drives might also be considered high risk, even with a perfect driving record. These include teenagers, people with bad credit, or drivers who don’t have 6 continuous months of ¬†auto insurance history. How Do High Risk Drivers Find Insurance? While preferred carriers likely won’t offer coverage, there are companies who can offer a high risk car insurance quote for drivers who don’t have much driving experience or whose driving record is not spotless. The downside is that the cost to have an auto policy as ...

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